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Touring with Chukka in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Choosing to tour with Chukka Trails & Travel was one of the best decisions I’ve made while traveling in a long time. Normally, I'm stuck doing all the research on what to do at the destination or what activities we should do. When I found Chukka they asked me about my interest while vacationing and shared the options I could enjoy for my experience in Montego Bay.

They made sure all my requests were fulfilled. All I had to do was show up to the activities since they handled it all! Erica and Ilia were the best that help me set up each activity and made sure I arrived at each tour on time! The staff always made sure we had fun during the tours & we had everything we needed. I also traveled with 2 young kids and they made sure we were all able to do the activities we wanted to try together.

Chukka Trails and Travel gave me recommendations that I didn't even know Jamaica offered such as when I landed at the airport, there is a VIP fast tracker to skip the immigration line. I was blown away by this service!

As soon as I landed there was a staff member waiting with a sign with my name to get escorted. You'll also be able to get access to the Club Mobay lounge with drinks/snacks to munch on after the long flight. Once we were ready to leave the airport, our transportation was prearranged to take us to our hotel.

After a few days in Montego Bay, one of my goals was to travel to Negril for the day. Chukka gave me a few options to get to Negril and we decided to drive up with a few stops along the way to experience more of Jamaica.

One of the first stops was visiting The Ocean Outpost. This was one of my favorite spots! Here you can spend the day with a variety of activities fun for all ages. Amenities Ocean Outpost offers horseback riding in the water, an ocean infinity pool, swim up bar, an ocean hammock, hammock drop, zipping for all ages, ATV, donkey ride, & an obstacle course for the kids, and more. The only thing we regret is wishing we had more time at Ocean Outpost! We didn't know we would have so much fun here and how many activities they have to offer. Ocean Outpost is very Instagrammable and has a vibe you don't want to miss!

When we finally reached Negril we stopped along the way to eat authentic Jamaica food! As a world traveler foodie, the best restaurant you'll go to is where a local takes you!

To end our day in Negril we watched the sunset at the famous Ricks Cafe! If you're a thrill seeker then you'll have to take a plunge off the cliff into the ocean! There was no way I couldn't resist jumping off the cliff! It's been on my bucket list for years now and that's why Ricks Cafe is famous: for the cliff jumps, sunsets, & lively vibes!

Another tour they took us on was Bamboo rafting which is a must in Jamaica! It was relaxing and a tranquil experience. You can't miss this tour and skip out on the limestone foot rub! Your skin feels like a baby after the tour! I'm happy I had Chukka help me curate this tour because I traveled to Jamaica with a 7 and 3 year. There was no information on Google or most tour websites about the recommended age for this tour and how many people fit on the raft. We found out it was best for our 3-year-old to sit out on this tour.

One of my favorite tours Chukka helped curate was touring Montego Bay on a catamaran for the day. My family practically lives on the water anytime we travel so being on a boat for the day is a must. We sunbathed all day in the sun and even took a dip to snorkel for a full day on our private boat!

A unique tour Chukka set up for us was to go to the Luminous Lagoon and fire dinner show! The fire show kept the kids entertained while dining and left us on the edge of our chairs wanting more! After the show, there's a boat to take you on the Luminous Lagoon, where Bioluminescent organisms light up the water when agitated. This is an experience you can only experience in a few countries. Jamaica is voted by scientists as the BRIGHTEST luminous Lagoon in the world and I have to agree! I traveled to Puerto Rico to have the same experience, and NOTHING was more unique than this one in Jamaica! Chukka help me set up the dinner and transportation to the Lagoon! This is another experience I would have never discovered if I didn't have Chukka build my itinerary.

We ended our last days on the island just enjoying water activities close to our hotel in Montego Bay. If you're a thrill seeker then you'll have to try the water tubing out! My 7-year-old daughter talked me into it which was an enjoyable experience. We were both new to the water sport so it was a memory we were able to share together because we didn't know what to expect!

As well you see our itinerary was filled with fun activities that built memories for the last time for our family! Chukka Trails & Travel made the ultimate bucket list when traveling to Jamaica! There's no other way to explore Jamaica than touring with a guided company that's based there & familiar with the area.

Chukka Trails & Travel is a full-service destination experience company that can handle all the services for persons traveling to Jamaica - everything from landing to leaving.

For help planning out your ultimate itinerary in Jamaica click the link for Chukkas website.

Use promo code TWM22 for a discount when booking.


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