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Weligama, Sri Lanka

(Fishermen on Weligama By Pass Road)

What is there to do in Weligama?

  • Weligama is a surf town so take some time to learn how to surf!

  • Whale watching

  • Yala Safari- Yala is a 2 hour drive from Weligama. Yala Safaris tours start at $36-50USD depending on the time of day you visit and breakfast/lunch options.

  • Yoga

  • Tea Tour- Sri Lanka is famously known for the tea production in the foreign exchange. Visit a tea plantation to hear the story of tea making and tastings.

  • Go to Galle - Galle is a small city about 30-45 minutes away from Weligama known for Galle Fort, shops, and museums.

  • Go for a train ride. It's the perfect way to see the countryside!

  • Watch the stilt fishermen

  • Handunugoda Tea Museum

  • Unawatuna Beach

  • Japanese Peace Pagoda

  • Galle National Museum

  • Galle Clock Tower

  • National Maritime Museum

  • Hikkaduwa Coral Reef for scuba diving/snorkeling

  • Sinharaja Forest Reserve

Does Weligama require a visa(ETA)?

YES! You WILL NEED to obtain a visa for entry in Sri Lanka. You can get a short stay visa online at: Electronic Travel Authority (ETA). Tourist visas are normally issued for a maximum period of 30 days.

If you arrive in Sri Lanka without a visa, you could face delays. When we arrived in Sri Lanka we did not have a visa. We actually weren't aware that we even needed a visa to enter Sri Lanka! We were able to apply for a same day application at the airport. It took us about 25 minutes to obtain two visas. It wasn't a complicated process at all. All we had to do was give the teller our passports and pay a fee.

An application normally cost $20-40USD per person. The earlier you purchase your visa, the cheaper! Children 12 and under are free.

If you are a citizens of The Republic of Singapore, The Republic of Maldives, and The Republic of Seychelles you are exempt from the requirement of obtaining Visa to visit Sri Lanka.

Where to stay in Weligama?

Here are a few hotel recommendations close in Weligama...

What language is spoken in Weligama?

Tamil,Sinhala, and English.


Sri Lankan Rupee

How to get around Weligama?

  • Tuk Tuk- A motorized three wheeler which is seen all over Weligama. This taxi transportation does not have a meter, the price has to be negotiated.

  • Taxi

  • Train- Trains run in all directions to get around the country of Sri Lanka. It's actually the most cheapest and effective way to travel along the country. Click on the train link schedule for times and locations around Sri Lanka.

  • Bus- Buses run around the coast passing along the Colombo to Matara road about every 20 minutes.

  • Rent a car- If your very adventurist you can rent a car but personally we didn't feel comfortable renting a car in a foreign country. Most of the roads in Sri Lanka are dirt roads don't even have street signs. If we went on an excursion we hired a personal diver or taxi since we didn't know the area well enough.

When to travel to Weligama?

Overall Sri Lanka weather ranges from 25-30°C.The dry months are December to March. There's months are considered the high season, when most travelers visit Weligama.The wettest months are between May and September. Not only is it the rainiest season but it's also monsoon season. We travel to Sri Lanka early September and had no rainfall our entire stay. So if your a scuba diver like me, monsoon season is not the time to travel to Weligama since the waters are too strong to be diving. If you have more time in Sri Lanka you can travel up north about 6 hours to Trincomalee where it is not monsoon season.

The peak season for seeing whales in Mirissa is between December and March. Whales can also be seen on the east coast in Trincomalee between June and September.

Where to eat in Weligama?

Things you should know when traveling to Weligama?

  • Don't expect big shopping malls in this small town. You'll be lucky enough to find a small corner store that sells food.

  • As small as the country looks, it's not a small country! Sri Lanka cities are spaced out and have long travel times getting place to place. If your planning to visit different cities in Sri Lanka you want to give yourself enough time staying here.

Is Weligama kid friendly? Things to do with kids?

Sri Lanka may lack kid-targeted sights such as arcades and amusement but this is definitely a kid-friendly country. Here Sri Lankans accept you as you are, where ever you come from. Sri Lanka is such an experience for your children. It will bring you back to a time where electrics are not a form of entertainment for kids. Kids will actually be forced to experience the great outdoors and be creative! Kids can find entrainment in historical sites, beaches, and national parks with elephants.

The only trouble you may have here with young kids is that there are no sidewalks...just dirt roads, or even nonexistent walkways. Scrollers and highchairs here are uncommon in Sri Lanka. I do recommend having a chest carrier while traveling here.

"You must go on adventures to find out where you truly belong."


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