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Koh Samui, Thailand

(The Island of Koh Samui)

What is there to do in Koh Samui?

Where to stay in Koh Samui?

Chaweng Beach- One of the most lively and biggest resort town on Koh Samui. Chaweng is known for its massive nightlife, shopping complex, restaurants, and activities. Here you'll find a wide range of hotels in any budget. Chaweng is a great place for people who want everything in one place.

Lamai Beach- Lamai Beach is neighboring Chaweng Beach with a similar vibe. Here you'll still be able to find nightlife, attractions, and yummy restaurants as well. Lamai is not as wild and upbeat as Chaweng. Lamai is perfect for people that want to have a good time but avoid the hectic nightlife. Even though Lamai and Chaweng are similar you'll find that Lamai is more cheaper and you be about to find many bargains while shopping around and hotel deals.

Fisherman's Village- If you want the heritage of Koh Samui then the Fisherman's Village is the place you want to stay. Boput is more of a traditional area and a family friendly envirmonent. Although there is nightlight in the Fisherman's Village it is not as wild and crazy at night. As well as many boutique shops, retro restaurants, and night markets that thrive in this village. Hotels here do get a little pricey since many wealthy tourist travel to this sophisticated destination.

Maenam Beach- You'll be able to find a choice of budget and high end hotels located in Maenam Beach. Backpackers normally stay in this area for the cheap hotels. On the other hand if you just looking to get away from everything and want to stay in a exclusive resort, this is the area for you. Theres not much going on in Maenam Beach. Maenam Beach is a place to unwind and relax away from all and any other distractions from the world.

Big Buddha- Budget travelers and back packers tend to stay in this area. As well as it is a family friendly environment. You'll find night life in the Big Buddha but you won't get the wild party scene you would get in Chaweng. Its conveniently close to the airport and a ferry to Koh Phangan and Had Rin. You'll find a few tourist actions in the ares such as the Big Buddha and Wat Plai Laem.

(Beverage stalls for 2-3thb at Lamai Night Market)

What language is spoken in Koh Samui?

The official language of Thailand is Thai but English is widely spoken and understood around in the main city and tourist areas.


Thai Baht

(Songthaew pick up truck)

How to get around Koh Samui?

  • Car or scooter rental

  • Taxi- Taxis are all over Koh Samui and easy to flag down. Taxis don't have a meter and the price can be negotiated.

  • Scooter taxis- Want a wilder type of transportation around the island? Flag down a scooter taxi and hop on the back of a stranger for a cheaper route.

  • Songthaew- A safe way to get around is to flag down a converted red pickup truck with a roof covering two benches fitted in the back. Its a non-scheduled public transportation with no set route. Once you get close to your destination you ring the door like bell on the ceiling or bang on the window to get the drivers attention. Prices range from 30-80 baht per ride for short distances. For longer distances, the rule of thumb is 100 baht ($3) per beach you want to travel to (for example, 300 baht from Chaweng to Bophut).

(Sandalwood hotel)

When to travel to Koh Samui?

All year around Thailand weather ranges in the high 80s in Fahrenheit.

October and November: The rainiest months of the year but it’s still possible to have a day of sun shine. These months are considered the low season.

Late December, January, July and August are the high season.

February through June, September, and early December are considered the shoulder season on Koh Samui. February and March are the two driest and sunniest months but you'll find that anytime of the year you come is great beach weather.

(Picture 1 Thai Fried noodles; picture 2-6 food stalls at Lamai Night Market)

Where to eat?

(Try a grass hopper at Lamai night market)

Things you should know when traveling to Koh Samui?

  • Prostitution does take place in Thailand so beware! Women prey on men at night and frequently you'll hear them asking them to let them give you a massage with happy endings. The best way to avoid these “happy ending massages” is getting a massage in the day times and out in public such as on the beach messages you won't have to worry.

  • Koh Samui's surrounding waters are flat. If your a surfer don't expect to catch a wave because there are none. Its great for relaxation and water activities such as kayaking or paddle boarding.

  • When entering temples make sure you remove your shoes and dress appropriately. Women and men should have proper attire covering their knees and shoulders or you won't be allowed in. If u know you'll be going on temples tours bring along a scarf to cover up when traveling on a hot day. There are many markets that you’ll be able to purchase a silk scarf to cover up all through out Thailand. If you totally forget the dress code, some temples that have a bucket full of scarfs they will give you to cover up before entering.

  • In Thai Buddhism, women are not allowed to touch a monk. If your crossing pass with a monk and you are a women try not to touch or sit next to a monk.

  • The buddha is taken seriously in Thai religion. In Thailand buddhas are not to be tattoo or used for decoration in the home. Most times you’ll even hear you can not take picture of a buddha.You’ll notice as soon as you touch down in the airport on signs that this is illegal. As well as disrespecting the royal family. There are numerous pictures and statues of the royal family in Thailand. Don't disrespect it! It is a law!

(Trying crocodile meat at Lami night market)

Is Koh Samui kid friendly? Things to do with kids?

Thailand is one of the most kid friendly places we've been to in Asia. It seems like everywhere went in Koh Samui, all the Thai people would want to stop us and talk with our daughter Amiyah. They love kids! No doubt that kids are welcome everywhere you go in Koh Samui.

  • Samui Aquarium & Tiger Zoo

  • Coco Splash Adventure & Waterpark

  • Pink Elephant, Samui Water Park

"Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer."

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