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(Radio City Music Hall, New York)

The perfect staycation.

A staycation to us is skipping a hop on a plane for a weekend and staying in our country rather abroad. We spend our vacation in the comfort of our own home and take small trips to locals attraction.

The perfect staycation for me and my family to do exactly NOTHING! Although we enjoy traveling sometimes having no plan is the right plan. Even when we're back home from traveling we don't actually get time to relax or spend time with friends and family because we're working till our next destination. Instead of planning a vacation this holiday on our days off we decided to just stay in our wonderful big city. We sometimes tend to forget what New York has to offer us because we've seen and done it all. Although its a great to experience other holiday traditions aboard I remember growing up and doing the local/tourist activists around Christmas time like seeing the giant christmas tree in Rockefella center with my family as a young girl. When our daughter grows up we want her to gain memories but as well and remember where she came from and the traditions New York gives us!

Heres what my perfect staycation consist of...

Giving our daughter a chance to experience a white Christmas since we're a beach family and avoid cold climate destinations. haha.

Cooking cupcakes together for Amiyah's class mates Christmas party.

Spending time with Amiyah's cousin (My niece) Maricella that we barely see.

Enjoying a home cooked meal in the comfort of our kitchen.

Starting new traditions. Picking out a Christmas tree and bringing it home to decorate.

Going on dates with my lovely hubby! When traveling its not easy to go on a date with just me and Cory. Its always just the 3 of us with no family/friends to watch her if we wanted to go out and we're not yet comfort with strangers watching our daughter. Here in New York we have most of our friends/family members thats willing to give us a break so we can just go out as a couple and enjoy us time. Us time is important. Not only is us time important but we had the chance to go out with our friends that we didn't get a chance to catch up with over the summer since we were out of the country!

Opening up gifts in the comfort of our own home. We're a family thats always on the go. This year staying home allows our daughter to play with her toys instead of picking up and rushing off to the next destination. The gift are less important to us then the experience we have. Taking our time to enjoy the little things in life make us feel richer.

(Ornaments in front of 1251 Sixth Avenue building (Exxon Building) across from the Radio City Music Hall)

Whats your perfect staycation?

Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays from our family to yours !

XOXO- Travel With Meko family!

"The best gift around the Christmas tree is the presents of FAMILY wrapped in LOVE."


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