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Dough Doughnuts literally put all other donuts to shame! Once you go to Dough, you can't go back to just any old donut. Inspired from the chef Fany Gerson, her Mexican heritage and European influences, she created the perfect doughnut. Dough Doughnuts are made with yeast with following the tradition of making a cake with flour,eggs, and butter.The dough is also made with a brioche-type dough. These fried Dough Doughnuts are freshly handmade everyday. Your even able to watch how the doughnuts are being made! Now what doughnut spot can you ever watch these delightful doughs being made that your about to eat?! I don't recall many places that do!

Here are a few of my favorite doughnuts made from Dough...

Cinnamon Sugar(Top Right)- Doughnut rolled in a sweet blend of freshly ground Mexican cinnamon and granulated sugar.

Dulce De Leche-Almonds(Top Left)-Sweet house made dulce the leche glace with crunchy sliced almonds.

Cafe Au Lait(Bottom Right)- Inspired by classic coffee cake, cake made with a roasted coffee glaze and crunchy pecan topping.

Horchata(Bottom Left)-Inspired by the traditional Mexican drink, this glaze is made with ground white rice, almonds and flavored with Mexican cinnamon and a touch of pure vanilla extract. (Descriptions straight from Doughs website itself!)

Dough Doughnuts are bigger than your hand! Now these are the kind of doughs that will fill up a big appetite.

Wait on the coffee station for fleshly brewed coffee and tasteful beverages.

They're four locations: Flatiron, City Kitchen, UrbanSpace Vanderbilt, and Bedstuy, Brooklyn.

Don't forget to share one or a few with friends. Its hard! They're so delicious, but sharing is caring!These treats are acceptable for all occasion. For friends that aren't cupcake/cake lovers, Dough Doughnuts are the perfect alternative.

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