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7 Ways to have alone time when traveling with kids.

1. Tag team.

My husband and I rarely travel with friends or family, so we hardly get "us time". If we want alone time its more like "individual solo time". If there is a spa located in the hotel my hubby and I take turns watching our daughter. While one goes down to the spa, the other watches our daughter. When one comes up, we rotate. This tag teaming strategy goes well for activates we want to enjoy but not able to with our daughter, mostly due to her age. When its time for me to scuba dive, my husband would bring our daughter to the beach or playground to keep her busy. The following or same day if my husband wants to enjoy any activities, I allow him to explore since it's my turn to watch the baby. Travel is all about family time but when traveling to a country were activities can only be experienced where you are, you have to do it! A few hours of alone time won't hurt tear the family apart!

2.Travel with family or close friends.

By traveling with family or close friends that have kids or not you can both take turns watching your kids and/or their kids.

3.Tire your child out and take them out to eat.

Many times my husband and I want to enjoy a romantic dinner just the two of us, but it seems impossible traveling alone with your child. When we want a romantic dinner just the two of us, we try and tire out our daughter, Amiyah. Most times we bring her food so she been feed and ready for "bed". If your allowed to have an open stroller by the table or sitting in a booth table, we just let her rest while we have an amazing dinner just the two of us while she sleeps. This trick can definitely get tricker with more than one child but it sure works for one young child that can sleep anywhere!

4. Choose a hotel with babysitting services.

Try staying at a hotel that offers babysitting services to get alone time in the comfort of where you're staying. Babysitting services in hotels are often an extra surcharge but at least you won't have to go looking very far for child care.

5. Hire a babysitter.

We're not yet comfortable just letting anyone watch our daughter but it’s sure an option! If our daughter was older and able to talk we would more than likely consider hiring a babysitter while traveling aboard.

If you would like to go this route, try searching for the best babysitter for your child(ren).

6. Vacation on a kid-friendly vacation resort or cruise.

These kinds of vacations were designed for kids and families to enjoy time together! Family-friendly resorts have kid-friendly activities that you'll be able to participate with your child(ren) or allow your kids to venture off within eye distant. If you do choose to proceed to have child care on a family resort or cruise, you might feel a bit more at ease because these companies do extensive background checks on their staff.

7. Book a Suite, Adjoining Rooms, a Condo or a House(Airbnb).

You're only a door away but it’s alone time. Depending on how old your children are and if they're able to take care of themselves if they wake up in the middle of the night, you can try to slip away to the lobby bar/restaurant for alone time.

"It's your life. Don't let anyone make you feel guilty for living It your way!"


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