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7 Reusable Household Items That Save Money.

Save money by investing in reusable and sustainable items! Living a more sustainable lifestyle doesn’t just save the environment we live in but is also saves us extra cash that we're able to use to travel more!

Here are my favorite reusable household items...

1.Reusable Batteries

Ever since we discovered reusable batteries it has been a lifesaver and a major budget saver. Having kids and a ton of toys in the house that require batteries means an extra expense. By converting to reusable batteries it saved us buying batteries every so often & the panic of old batteries that run out of juice with no replacement.

To purchase Charger with Batteries click the link- 8Bay Battery Charger and AA Batteries (4Pcs) & AAA Rechargeable Batteries (4Pcs)

2.Lighter Rechargeable

Never again in your life will you need to but a new lighter. All you need to do is charge and light it up! The flexible long neck is the best part for dip candles wicks, gas stoves, & grills where you might normally burn your fingers when lighting.

To purchase rechargeable light click the link.

3.Reusable Ziplock Bags

Stop wasting you money and time buying plastic ziplock bags. Using reusable ziplock bags in our family saves us a ton of money. Having kids that require snacks on the go means we'll need a bag to go! Reusable ziplock bags are also stronger and durable then most plastic bags. Ever since investing into reusable ziplock bags, we never had an accident or rip again from our toddler tearing open the bag.

To purchase reusable ziplock block bags click the link.

4.Human Gear Utensils

GoBitesTrios is the perfect gear for camping and bringing along to work when I pack my lunches. The utensils are strong and the knife can even slice an orange! We've been using Human Gear utensils for a few years now and mainly love them for the kids. After warming up a hot plate of food using a metal utensil can burn our little one's mouth. With the Human Gear utensils, we don't have that fear when eating.

To purchase Human Gear Gobites Trio click this link.

To purchase Human Gear Gobites Mini Uno 3-Pack click this link.

For a full product review on Human Gear check out this post.

5.Stainless Steel Straws

Not only will you be taking a stand against ocean pollution but these straws are made to be used again and again. Just one straw can eliminate the need for hundreds of plastic ones and you'll never need to buy more.

To Purchase Stainless Steel Straws click this link.

6.Silicone Cooking Utensils

Silicone Cooking Utensils are strong and durable that last a lifetime. The silicone utensils are also easier to clean & who doesn't love an easier cleanup. We chose to use silicone cooking utensils because they are non-corrosive, hard-wearing, and won't break over time like other cheap plastic utensils.

To Purchase Silicone Cooking Utensils click the link.

7.Silicone Stretch Lids

Ditch the extra use of saran wrap and cover up with Silicone Lids. Silicone Stretch lids also come in handy when you need to warm up leftovers in the microwave to avoid messes.

To purchase silicone stretch lids click the link.

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