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Buggy Board Maxi+ By Lascal

The thought of traveling with two young kids can be scary. Let alone traveling solo with both. You're outnumbered!! How could you ever keep an eye on both at the same time?!

After Discovering the BuggyBoard Maxi+ it has now eased my thoughts about traveling with two kids because I don’t have to have the fear of my daughter running off to far while pushing her infant brother!! Its a comfortable feeling to have both kids in front of you while touring a crowded airport or city. Another plus was not having to invest in a new stroller for two kids to sit while on the go.

Adding on the BuggyBoard to our stroller, we’re now able to move much quicker then the pace of our Amiyah's little legs could go. Amiyah is amused with the board as well. It's like a new toy she gets to enjoy with her little brother. Our 3 year old loves it and we can tour a new city without her getting tired. The maxi + board also gives your little one the option to ride along or sit and be entertained.

Assembling the BuggyBoard Maxi+ was really easy and takes only about 5-10 minutes to get started. You’ll find on Lascal's website all the tutorial videos to your stroller model on how to attach the board if you're more of a visual learner.

If you're wondering if its easier to push while attached to the stroller, it is! Obviously, your stroller becomes a bit heavier because you're adding the weight of your toddler but it still rides smooth. Even on the bumpiest roads the board still flows. The BuggyBoard is perfect for kids between 2 to 6 years old weighing up to 22kg (48lb).

Lascal offers the Maxi and Mini versions of the BuggyBoard. To purchase the right one for you and your little ones click the direct link to Lascal's website.

"The struggle ends when gratitude begins."


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