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GoToob+ by Human Gear.

As a Successful backpacker, it’s essential to have travel sized items like my GoToob+

and products that will assist you with easy travel. Human Gear offers a variety of products for frequent backpackers and travelers like myself to support our travel needs! All Human Gear products are dishwasher safe and have a lifetime warranty if an item is ever damaged. To find out which items are best for you and your travels check out some of my favorite gear to use on the road. Below you'll find the highlights of each item and how they assist me with my busy travels.



  • Rotating loop for handy attachment.

  • Texture label area that resists being rubbed off.

  • Has an extra large opening for easy filling and cleaning!

  • FDA approved

  • Leak proof.

  • Silicone textured tube.

  • Easy to read size labels for TSA.

  • Travel size.

  • GoToob+ comes in all different color and sizes!

Why I prefer to travel with GoToob+:

  • GoToob+ is FDA approve which means its safe to fill the tubes with food products. I love this feature because I could store liquid medicine in the tube for my kids or milk for cereal on the go.

  • It has a larger opening to put your product in the tube and has a flat bottom that stands up straight. Now I don't have to struggle with putting products in a travel size tube with a small opening that waste product because its difficult to get in the tube!

  • The loop lock is great for hanging in the shower and/or locking on my bag!

  • GoToob+ has 3 lines of defense for leak proof. The loop lock, the lid, and the silicone vowel when you apply pressure.



  • Has a sharp knife with a bottle opener

  • The storage case is slim and slips easily into tight spots.

  • Has a handy reusable toothpick.

  • GoBitesTrio are all full size utensils.

  • Made from utlra-strong heat resistant and designed to last.

  • BPA-free nylon.

Why I prefer to travel with GoBitesTrio:

  • The case holds all four utensils.

  • The case is slim and keeps you organized.

  • The bottle opener along the knife is an awesome surprise!

  • GoBitesTrios is the perfect gear for camping and bringing along to work when I pack my lunches.

  • I love the reusable toothpick because it's very useful after eating.

  • The utensils are strong and the knife can even slice an orange!



  • Leakpoof

  • Collapsing travel cup

  • Double decker tray to hold pills in.

  • Cup has measuring units.

Why I prefer to travel with GoCup:

  • I'm obsessed with the collapsing cup because I never seen a product like this before! I think its just so handy to have a pop-up cup in your bag when you need it!

  • The double-decker is a neat little holder to hold your pills on the go.



  • Pops open with one hand squeeze.

  • Pop open. Snap close.

  • Textured label area.

  • Holds pills, jewelry, spices, vitamins, & tiny stuff.

  • FDA approved.

  • Water resistant

Why I prefer to travel with GoTubb:

  • Opening the GoTubb with one hand is a plus for me being a mom. Half the time I have my child in my hand, while the other is working!

  • The containers are small and don't take up to much space in my bag.

  • I used to just place my vitamins in a ziplock bag but now I don't have to mix up my pills and figure out which is which.​

  • I love to store my jewelry in the GoTubbs because my earrings don't pierce through a ziplock bag and my necklaces don't tangle.

Which items from Human Gear will assist you on your next travels ???? To purchase any Human Gear products that will aid in simple travel click the link.


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