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How to Survive Budget Airlines.

If you're not a bougie frequent flyer like me, then you probably don't mind flying on budget airlines when you find a good deal! I'm constantly getting asked how I 'm able to travel so much and if flying with a budget airlines makes a difference. Well for me it doesn't matter who I'm flying with because I always try to make myself as comfortable as possible. Budget airline or not! I'm actually not bothered when flying budget airlines at all. If your flying economy on one of the "norm airlines" than there's not much of a difference flying with a budget airline. The airline still gets you from point A to B and if your flying prepared you'll feel just as relaxed.

I've listed a few tips that help me survive my low budget travels and allow me to travel more by flying with budget airlines!

1. Bring your own snacks and water. If your flying on a low-budget ticket or airline you shouldn't expect to be feed on the flight. You'll be surprised that they don't even give you complimentary drinks for the duration of your flight! If you wait to purchase water on the plane, they'll end up giving you a small jug of water that's overpriced! Arrive early enough to purchase drinks and a meal before taking off. If it's a short flight I normally eat a meal at home because I hate airport food. But, no matter what I always make sure I bring snacks in my carry-on like granola bars and chips. Now it doesn't matter how many snacks you bring in your bag, just as long as they are sealed snacks you can take them through security.

2. Bring a neck pillow. A neck pillow will give you comfort if the airline's seats don't recline.

3. Bring an inflatable leg pillow. I don't know how many times this pillow saved me. It really allows me to get comfortable even if there isn't much room on the plane. I can stretch my legs out and my daughter can fully lay down to rest.

For the full review or to purchase the exact inflatable leg pillow we use, click the link.

4. Bring your own entertainment. Most budget airlines don't have a tv screen in front of you and if there is a tv on the plane your stuck watching the selected movie the airline chooses. Make sure you download Netflix movies before getting on your flight to be entertained.

5. Bring your own headphones and blankets or they'll charge you!

6. Bring a backpack instead of a rolling wheel carry-on. As you already know, budget airlines charge you for everything! Some budget airlines may even charge you for a carry-on! To avoid an extra charge bring a backpack because you're still entitled to a personal item. Even if your bag exceeds the limit of a personal bag, most airline attendants won't mind or notice that you exceeded the limit because you can carry it on your back! Carry-on sizes allowed on board vary from each airline, so read up on the policy beforehand.

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7. Always read the fine print to unnecessary fees. Always read the fine print on your booking, company website, and on your boarding pass. When flying with budget airlines you should never make assumptions on whats free or not. Having knowledge of what you're getting yourself into beforehand will prepare you to pay or avoid an extra charge. For an example, if you're fly with airlines such as Ryanair, they will charge you at the airport to check in for 55 Euros! To avoid the check-in charge you would need to print out your boarding passes before reaching the airport.

"Living on the edge is risky, but there is no fun living on the ground. "


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