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Supergoop sunscreen in travel size!

(Travel size Mineral sunscreen SPF40 , lip balm SPF 30, hand cream SPF40, and antioxidant-infused sunscreen mist SPF30)

Supergoop comes in convenient travel pack size, and that is the#1 and ONLY traveling sunscreen I use while traveling! Supergoop is made in a family-friendly format. While traveling we try to pack as lite as possible, so if this means I don't have to lug along two different sunscreens for my toddler and myself.. then great, all the extra space is needed! Convenience is a major KEY when traveling with kids.

Not only is Supergoop my favorite skin care product for the summer, but I use it all year-round. If you know anything about me, I like to have low maintenance with my beauty care in everyday life dealing with a child and work life. Before leaving the house I always make sure to apply sunscreen to fight against UVA(Aging Rays) before any makeup. After all, this is my KEY to having a younger face by staying protected each and every day! Even when the sun isn't shining UVA penetrate clouds and glass! 90% of signs of aging are caused by daily UV exposure! Not only do I use Supergoop against UVA AND UVB rays, but I use it to protect the tattoos on my body from fading. The best part of this product is that it doesn't smell like sunscreen(which I hate) or leave a white residue!

As a licensed Esthetician, I recommend ALL of my clients' pre and post-treatment to take better care of their skin by starting with Supergoop. The top 3 products I use from Supergoop are the city sunscreen serum, antioxidant-infused sunscreen mist, and lip balm. Don't just consider using my top 3 products I use daily! Supergoop has many ways you can wear your SPF such as a setting mist, daily corrective cream, eye cream, and much more!!​You'll be able to purchase and check out more products on Supergoop directly from their website. Supergoop is now available at Sephora and on Amazon as well!

Travel with Supergroop.. it's as super as it's name!


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