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Happy Mothers Day !!!!!

Happy Mother's Day !!!!!

Mother's Day is the time to appreciate ALL women. Its a celebration for motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society.

Becoming a mother isn't easy. You would think it's as easy as saying it: “I’m a Mom!” Becoming a mother requires sacrifice, being humble, patient, and giving unconditional love. Qualities like these don't just come overnight. They grow on you while becoming a mother. You don’t even have to be a woman that birthed a child to have these traits and to care for a child as if they're your own.

Women get pregnant, sacrifice our bodies for 9 months. After the pregnancy, the sacrifice with your body doesn't stop there. After birth for starters seems almost even more painful than the birthing process! Breastfeeding your infant every 2 hours right after giving birth is exhausting. There's no break. Imagine being in labor for hours and finally giving birth, still haven't been to sleep yet because you have to feed your infant. Not even getting a full 7 hours of sleep which you should be getting every night for your body to fully function. You're being interrupted every 2-3 hours for a painful process for your infant only to be fed. It's unbelievable what the woman's body can go through and sustain this tough process to bring one little life into this world. In the end, though we learn what unconditional love really is.

The sacrifice will never stop for our kids. You would think it would stop once your child turns 18 years old - “they're all grown up” and they're now able to live life on their own. That's never the case. Your kids always return back for momma's loving because there's no better feeling than being in their mother's arms. As a mom, there's no better feeling than the joy of life with your kids.

On this day we should commend all people that take on that motherly role in our lives. Some of us have the unfortunate situation of not having a mother growing up in our lives, but you're still able to celebrate it with the person who showed you, motherly love.

It shouldn’t take one becoming a mother to appreciate our mothers and others. We need to recognize now how much is done for us and will always be done from our mothers. Never take your mother for granted and give them the love they give to us.

Wishing everyone a Happy Mothers Day. You are appreciated!

I'm honored to be called someones Mommy !


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