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Latched Mama Nursing Clothes

is probably one of the most worn outfits in my closet right now! As a mom that's always on the go, you don't always have time to beat a face full of makeup on and squeeze into a pair of jeans you can't fit. That's why my go-to "mom uniform" is a pair of leggings, sneakers, and a sweatshirt. Now that I'm breastfeeding again I needed to make my life even more simple and have less of a hassle to feed a second child. My lightweight nursing hoodie did exactly that for me! Now I don't have to pull my entire sweatshirt up and have my little one suffocating underneath my hot sweater just to feed him!

I now finally have clothing in my wardrobe that fit my oversized breast now! Latched Mama even help me throughout the engorging process when my breast was overfilled with milk. The tops gave me some relief because all my other tops were now too tight and suffocating! Also Latched Mama wear fabric is durable material that stretches and comfortable. As a travel budget mom you know I'm also looking for deals so to find an affordable nursing wear clothing line was right in my lane!

Now I don't have to go out to eat on a date with my family and feel the need to get interrupted and take away my family bonding. When i'm not wearing nursing clothes I feel as if I need to go in the bathroom to feed my son because of my "nice wear" isn't easy breast accessible. But with my Latched Mama Long Sleeve V-Neck Tee, who knew you could dress up "mom clothes". That's also another reason why I love Latched momma because it's not just all comfort wear but other clothing styles that you can dress up and go out in! I was able to feel confident that I looked good and that I was able to feed my baby boy in private but still be present in a room full of people.

I can't wait to wear my mom "uniform" on our nexts travels next month!

To shop for your nursing outfit go directly to Latched Mama's websites.


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