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Secret Bra Wallet By Compass Rose

What better way to secure your money & credit cards than to have a Secret Bra Wallet that ONLY you know about. The Bra Wallet is the perfect travel product to use a female traveler to protect myself from theft on the go! My Bra Wallet ensures anti-thief from pickpocketing in touristy areas but as well as electronic pickpocketing with RFID protection. It doesn't matter what size bust you have because there is an adjustable strap that fits bra cups from A-DD++. Not only does it discreetly hide my money and cards but I love that I can wear a stylish outfit that doesn't have pockets or lug around a heavy bag! It allows me to be hands-free and I don't have to be conscious about my bag when I should be enjoying myself.


  • Its super lightweight and you'll totally forget you're wearing a wallet underneath your attire.

  • It discreetly hides money and credit cards in 3 ways by attaching to your bra, belt loop, or underwear.

  • The bra wallet has an adjustable strap that's extra long to fit bra cups sizes A-DD++ and bra bandwidth up to 4”.

  • This discreet wallet will help you avoid anti-theft in busy tourist areas that are prone to pickpockets.

  • You can tuck the wallet underneath your bra for extra security.

  • The bra wallet has built-in RFID blocking material to protect your credit cards from electronic theft.

  • The secret bra wallet is made from soft and none irritating material.

To check out more travel accessories or purchase your Secret Bra Wallet, click the direct link to Compass Rose.


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